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Winter Babywearing Tips and Tricks

Review from November’s Winter Babywearing Meeting

It took quite an effort after cancellations due to Hurricane Sandy, widespread power outages, and a nor’easter but Babywears of NNJ was finally able to assemble a meeting to offer tips and tricks for cold weather babywearing.  Many of you, due to the aforementioned destruction, were not able to make the meetings so this is a review of what we learned to help you get through this winter.  If the recent weather patterns are any prediction of future conditions, you may really need this!

Here are some ways to keep both mommy and baby warm this winter:

  • Coats you already have.  These are things from your closet such as a maternity coat or a man’s oversize coat (image left) that can wrap around baby and mommy.

Babywearing in general is really quite simple, but add a few layers and things can get quite complicated.  Here are a few tips to help get you through this winter safe, warm, and happily babywearing:

  • Do not overdress.  This is probably the most frequent problem with cold weather babywearing.  Parents bundle up baby, wrap them up in a carrier, and then bundle them both up in another outer layer.  All those layers can easily be too much.  Remember that each item covering your baby is another layer including the wrap itself.
  • Be aware of baby’s ability to breathe.  All those added layers can shift around and sometimes cause material to cover baby’s face.  Remember to check your child often.
  • Wear proper footwear.  Sneakers or snow boots would probably be best to avoid falls.  If it is particularly icy there are even shoe attachments you can get that act like cleats on the ice.  The last thing you want is to slip and fall while carrying your baby.
  • If possible get dressed in your car or at your location to avoid to much time standing in the cold.

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